Monday, July 13, 2009

C is for Cult

When the Sanford scandal came up, and he mentioned the counseling he’d been going through, and it was revealed that his marriage counselor had accompanied him on a trip to NY where he had a liaison with his mistress (apparently approved by said counselor?) and I thought “Man! That’s the worst idea by a marriage counselor I’ve ever heard! He needs to fire that person.” Didn’t even think about his mention of C Street as the source of the counseling (it didn't ring a bell), and now with Ensign’s connection to the group it’s getting some press again. But it’s not really bad couples counseling that we need to worry about – it’s the mission, world view (such as reverence of dictators, even Hitler, as role models) and the sheer power of influence that this cult has been having over so many of our leaders. Watch this Maddow piece (oh go ahead, it’s 12 minutes long but worth it! It’s Rachel! OK?)
This sinister secret society sometimes called "The Family" popped up in the news during the 2008 campaign, esp. when it came to certain finger-pointing candidates taking aim at Obama’s church when they, themselves, were associated with a very scary religious organization [my post from last year including relevant links] [a recent revisit of the topic at DailyKos]

I am not picking on Hillary here, it's not about her this time, it's about who is pushing the buttons. I’d really like to see a lot more light shed on The Family and the cult at C Street.

Watching Rachel again tonight, and there was a further development, some fallout after last week's coverage. Here's the clip:

(BTW, You can always stream recent MSNBC show segments by going to their website, and look for the pulldown menu that says "msnbc tv.")

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