Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Catblogging - Henry Humpday Report

Here's Henry doing something that many of us can relate to - sticking with the comfy shoes and avoiding the scale (really though, the only weight-watching done for him is making sure he doesn't lose).

Henry had a rough week last week. His appetite went away so he didn’t eat for nearly a whole day (after some vomiting). Also he had some litterbox problems (of the number two variety) and was obviously in some pain. He was having trouble walking (limping on all 4 paws) and very lethargic. He had to go the vet Wednesday, Thursday and Friday… got observed, x-rayed, sub-q fluids, tummy meds, hungry pills, a cortisone shot, other prodding and poking, and an increase in his prednisone home dose {head spinning just thinking of all of it}

We really thought it might be his time to go, he’s 17 years old, a little old man with arthritis and a lot of other issues. He’s already on pain meds, so when I took him in late Friday afternoon, I was really looking for advice on how to manage his increased pain – or maybe even to let him go if it was likely something serious. The vet was great, she stayed late rather than let us go to the ER, and set us up with a regimen of home care and good instructions for the weekend. (The vet's office is closed on Saturdays.) Turns out, the poor little guy apparently just had some bad indigestion. Who knows what causes that? He always eats the same exact food! But he is old, and that’s the answer right there. The parts just work as well as they used to. A lot of us can relate to that too. By Monday, he seemed to be back to his normal self, and now he's being a fussy eater but not starving himself.

So Sugar Pie Henry, our Bringer of the Sweet, is still with us, and we enjoy every minute we get to spend with him.

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