Monday, September 07, 2009

David Bowie honored with spider

[LINK] It's large with reddish-blond hair, named Heteropoda davidbowie, and endangered. Read more about it at the link.

This is my "not another big damn close-up spider picture" version. If you want to see all the hairs and eyeballs, click here.


Ptelea said...

You're getting a lot of mileage out of this squirrel, aren't you? :) I'm still laughing.

Blueberry said...

Now anytime I want to cover up something or other... squirrelize!!

Anonymous said...

That's cool! I'm scared of spiders but its time more people realized how they are killing off exotic species through the pet trade and human encroachment. Tarantulas and spiders may not be pretty, but their integral to the ecosystem.:)

Utah Savage said...

That's one scary damn spider.

Hill said...



Blueberry, I want to apologize for not coming around much for the past few months.

My beloved 36-year-old daughter died unexpectedly on January 19 and I haven't done much blog visiting.

But you were always one of my fave blogs to visit, and I'm going to make every effort I can to stop by often.

Take care now.


Blueberry said...

Hill, I've got your new locale on the blogroll now, and plan on stopping by more often. That is some horrible tragic news.