Thursday, September 10, 2009

Furbaby Friday - The belly itcher

click to enlargeJax has some issues. He has some very itchy skin, it seems to be the most itchy on the right nipple, and he mercilessly licks that area and the rest of the belly until it's bloody (not to mention hairless... I know now that he will never have hair on his belly). Then we take him to the vet and get him a shot of DepoMedrol (a steroid), and if needed, something for the infection he usually has by then. Here he is in his own personal hell involving the wearing of a hated piece of clothing - an e-collar. Below, he's either making the most of having to wear it, or trying to shmooze me until I take it off of him out of sympathy. Sometimes that works. Look at his poor naked belly.

He's been through the mill, as they say, when it comes to trying to find out the cause. We've had him skin-prick allergy tested at the animal dermatologist, and he has loads of allergies which require shots. So far the shots have not affected the belly itches. He's been on Prozac and Prednisone (both as ear gel, because it's almost impossible to pill him), neither of those had any effect, but then ear gels are less effective than pills. He's tried low-allergen food, and various topical sprays, both prescription and OTC. Antihistamines might help if I could get pills in him. GAAAAH!

After his Depo shot, he's nice and non-itchy for about 3 weeks. Life is good. Trouble is, steroids can bring on problems such as diabetes, so we stretch him out as long as possible (this time it was less than 6 weeks, with the last 3 weeks being spent in the collar a lot, and belly-licking the rest of the time.

I will spare you all a closeup of the violated belly, but you can see a bit of the damage here as he enjoys a little break. You gotta love this guy, belly issues and all.

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Victor Tabbycat said...

Poor fing! It wouldn't show so much if him weren't black. E-collars is teh EVIL. When Nina had one, she just sat in the middle of the living room, looking miserable.

The firstest cat was lergic to fleas an flea treatments, so Mom had to gif him a BATH once a week. I wouldn't recommend it; he was good bout takin hims pills. Good luck!