Sunday, June 13, 2010

Campaign time again (when isn't it?)

We went to see Bill White speak at a small rally on Saturday. Bill White is a Democrat and has a shot at actually winning. He's moderate (we both know that the whole state of Texas is not ready for a liberal, just smelling the coffee), mainstream, and qualified (after being Mayor of Houston). Rick Goodhair Perry managed to pull ahead in the polls recently, and the only reason I can think of is that he shot a coyote. This is nuts, but politics *is* nuts. I made a little doodad for Bill White on the sidebar, click on it to visit his campaign site or just click this.

If you are in Austin and in Lloyd Doggett's district, it's time to go get a yard sign and a bumper sticker. He sometimes goes unchallenged but that won't be the case in the recent political climate. Rep. Doggett is the only Congressperson I've ever had who represented my views. This time he's going to need an extra boost to hang in there. Lloyd Doggett is a treasure. Just my humble opinion.

Doggett campaign site
Doggett House Rep site

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i heart lloyd doggett