Sunday, June 20, 2010


Click on the pics for larger view, you might need to click the result again for full size. I prefer to think of the Summer Solstice as "midsummer." It is still viewed as the middle of summer in many countries (although not the USA), and it makes perfect sense to me that when you reach the peak of something - the point after which it begins to diminish - that's the middle of it.
It's been full-on summer here for at least a month, but it will continue like this until the end of September, so climate-wise it's not the middle of it (or the beginning either). I'm one of those people who who likes the other southern seasons better than summer, it's a balance.

The yard, both front and back, is most noticeably full of sunflowers now. The tallest ones are about 9 ft tall. MrB has been working his butt off out there in the heat. There's the daily maintenance of filling the bird feeders and changing the birdbath water (which always needs it), plus the weekend stuff which can run into hours. I can't take it, personally. I could survive the heat but the mosquitoes run me back in quickly.
I love the details in the pics, like in the one above you can also see a ladybug.

As for out-and-about events, they are usually weekend things except for very special events. I've been in no mood for the outdoor heatfests/free concerts that happen all summer... not with this humidity and my foot problems. Am planning on finally scheduling a visit with a Podiatrist. I've had aching on the sides of my feet for awhile, and I believe that the standing and dancing I did at the Eric Johnson show last week has created a cyst on my foot. I am really unlucky when it comes to physical activity - it usually ends with me at the doctor. Oh well.

The rest of summer is going to be very busy on the day job, vacation days will be few, and any time off taken (whether it's vacation hours mostly spent at the vet's office, or my sick time) will probably have to be made up due to workload. Come on, October. I'm already ready for it.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Beautiful photos! A podiatrist can fix what ails you -- I know mine was a godsend!