Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Return to Scamalot

{sigh} You know, I think craigslist is a great service and it's wonderfully free and all that, but every time I try to sell something on there, I get more scam responses than legit ones. I know... what should I expect? Trying to sell a Powerbook for $400 yesterday, and even though I wrote in the posting "Local only" I am getting those scammy responses that offer to pay more than you are asking to cover "shipping to another country."

They really try to pose as locals, or at least American, but their English always breaks down. Also, their references to your item are generic and could apply to anything that's for sale (because they don't really look at the ad).
From: "wills james" willsjames20@gmail.com

Thanks for the fast response actually i was guessing a gift to buy for my cousin,who is based in West Coast Africa with his company, and while browsing craigslist, i saw what you have for sale and found it quite nice as a gift. I am willing to offer $500 for it including shipping cost via USPS{ems}express mail. I will be paying through PayPal, because its the safest means of online payment.

Hope to read from you soon

Nice to read from you, "wills james," but I've already heard this one. They pay you with a fraudulent Paypal or a fake money order (I don't know how people rig up a fake Paypal, I only know that the transaction is going to bounce and fall back on me to make good. They offer to pay in advance (item unseen) and pay a lot extra to cover shipping overseas. Then someone will come to your house to pick it up (a third party agent), you will pay that person the shipping money and hand over the item. So you are out the shipping money *and* your merch, plus you have to make good with your bank for the fake stuff.
From: "Linda Carey" careylinda02@gmail.com


Thanks for the email. I read your posting of the item and I want to buy it for my niece in Lithuania, but I am currently busy at work but I can pay by PayPal account because it's safe and secure online transaction, I can pay a bit more then you are asking and to cover the extra cost to ship it.

i will be offering you $550 including the postage cost via post office or DHL,

Please get back to me on this, if my offer is acceptable and send your PayPal address and I can send the payment.

Thanks a lot!

Oh Linda... I didn't send you an email, and if I had, it would have said "Do you know what I am selling?" I wish I had time or tenacity to mess with you people. I'd find someone in law enforcement who's interested in busting you small-time criminals and that person would be meeting with you instead of me.

[updated June 2 with yet another scam email!]

I appreciate your response ,I'm willing to buy it for my co-worker in oversea.I want to know the condition of the item and i am asking Apparently if it can be shipped internationally via post office hope $150 will ship it because i make an Inquiries about the shipment via Post Office(Register Mail).I would be paying you through PayPal
because they are reliable for online transaction,Kindly email me with the email that associate with your paypal account / send me an invoice for me to remit payment as soon as possible. if you don't have paypal account,go to www.paypal.com and set up one and get back to me, its free and secured for online payment..

Please get back to me with your paypal id so that i can send the payment today into your account.

God Bless You

Yours Sincerely ,


Debra She Who Seeks said...

It's a sad world we live in.


that's enough to piss off the pope

Raisa said...

Thanks for your post, I got a similar email today which sounded fishy. I did a search for a similar text on the net and found your site.