Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring - I love you - stay

Sunday was dominated by this monstrosity on the driveway. If we ever wanted to use the garage again, it had to be dealt with ASAP.
MrB did all the ugly part, shoveling the stuff into a wheelbarrow and hauling it into the backyard. Then I got to spread it around on the paths with a rake. The paths are not paved and are fast being overtaken by weeds... wildflowers... ground cover... so they got covered with crushed granite. Some things are allowed to stay, like these Blackfoot Daisies.
Trumpet Vines have bloomed, and in fact, they are past prime.
Here's a pic of our best batch of them. Not the best year for them at the Oasis yard but I've seen some fabulous ones out there.
Yellow Columbine is a beauty right now.
Here's a stubborn little Ash tree that wants to grow in the middle of the path and keeps growing back. It has won the battle and can stay.
Buddha and a garden solar light that is supposed to look like a rock.
We've had this metal sculpture for years and it finally has a bird nest in it.
It's a great spot for a nest, but we are still waiting for birds to move into some of the official birdhouses that are hanging nearby.
Wildflowers are getting near peak right now. Bluebonnets are covering the fields. It was close to 90° on Saturday, and it won't be long until the triple digits get here.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your back yard looks delightful and hey, LOVE that sun & moon sculpture!

Blueberry said...

Thank you! It's mostly all MrB. All I really add is an idea here and there.


I love every bit of it..a bunch.