Sunday, March 20, 2011

SXSW Day 2, Thursday

The Legends and the Famous. I Get Star-Struck

I had heard about the surprise parking lot appearance by Jack White the day before, so I was really hoping to be able to locate his 'debuted at SXSW' Third Man Rolling Record Store somewhere. When we were getting close to downtown on the bus, looked what rolled past us!
My little heart was going pit-a-pat as I was wondering where it was headed and how could we get there ASAP. We hopped out on 6th (as originally planned) and saw it go West on that street - I figured the only likely destination would be Waterloo Records, so we started walking as fast as my legs would go (which is not very impressive) - 10 blocks! Sure enough. There it was and there was a line of people waiting for it.

He was spinning some records and talking from behind the big glass window, and they were making a big pile of money selling merch just inches away from him, MrB got a shirt and I got a sticker plus this photo of Jack White and a pile of money.
The Greenhornes were about to play (and if I had realized that the Greenhornes were on the Third Man record label and playing at a record store with Jack White in town with his own record store, it would have been 2+2 to figure out this appearance beforehand), and most people were wondering if he was going to do a cameo stage appearance with them, especially after he emerged from the truck and watched backstage.

He didn't play (so I have still not seen him play) but were fully expecting him to cameo with Wanda Jackson later in the afternoon, and/or at other Wanda Jackson shows during the week, as he has played with her at a number of shows elsewhere. Here's an official video from her newest release with JW on his Third Man label.

After the record store morning and lunch, we headed back down to Jo's Coffee (SXSJ) and saw, among others, The Cave Singers, and would like to see them again sometime.
Vetiver has a cat-loving keyboardist.
Rockabilly Queen Wanda Jackson was due to play there at 8PM and we had a good spot for that. She said that Jack White had already left town, but I was still really glad to see her. In all my years I don't remember ever seeing her live show, even though she plays across the street (at the Continental Club) every year when the owner of the club throws her a birthday bash, and more. I think she's 75 years old. That's his daughter on stage with Wanda.
Another day done, and 2 more to go.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Some great photos of your brush with greatness!

Blueberry said...

Stay tuned! Friday is even better in that respect.