Monday, March 21, 2011

SXSW Day 4, Saturday

Aaaaah! My final posting on this big music party for the year!

Started out on Red River where I figured Rachael Ray's party would be impossibly crowded at Stubb's, she always has a great lineup and goes all out to serve delicious food (all free) not to mention the free beer, margaritas, vodka+tea combo drinks, bottled tea and soft drinks. As it turned out, the place we were headed to try and see Okkervil River (a block away) was the one with the line going for a mile so we went to Rachael's. You could actually walk around freely there, I was amazed! Even though she probably had a veggie offering, we passed on the long food line to take in some music. Here's Charlie Mars on the indoor stage (there were 3 stages). She is a big music fan and stood stageside for every band, enjoying them and taking pictures.

The crowd at Stubb's for Rachael
We also saw Bob Schneider and Fitz & the Tantrums (below). Both highly recommended!Ran into Billy Gibbons (of ZZ Top) and got a picture taken with him, but missed his guest appearance onstage because of the really long bathroom line.

It was time to hike about a mile over to the bus stop to head down to Jo's Coffee where we saw Menomena and our headliner for the day, Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears. His band plays high-energy rockin' funky soul, guitars, horn section, and if that wasn't enough he adds in a gospel-style vocal group. Listen to him on NPR.

There's been a theme running through the news coverage, post-festival, about all the out-of-control issues - fights, tasing, fence-busting, pepper spraying, and one so-called riot that included all of the above... I've been wondering where the tipping point for these free parties was going to be and it just might be here.

Some examples with videos (and there's one thing that's going to be true, from now on and forever, and that is that events are going to caught on camera... multiple times!)
[sour notes]
[Tasing on 6th]
[Beauty bar riot]

This thing has been growing steadily and evolving into a bigger and bigger party monster. We only do the daytime stuff, and it might get rowdy and nutty but hasn't been scary. Of course, we're in it together. We'll get back on the ride next year, if possible.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

What fun! And it looks like beautiful weather too.

Blueberry said...

The last 2 days it was kind of hot and sweaty (about 86F or 30C), so not Texas-summer hot but definitely Nebraska-summer hot.


can u do me a favor? call emeards and ask them if they have any more fuck this isn't a joke..ha..they had them in the window..they were tube shaped and came in red black and pink..with the word fuck fuck fuck written all over it..they are $25..I tried to reach them on their website but it's down. if you could call them and see if they still have them I will get 3 of them ..ha..thanks js

Blueberry said...

I tried finding Emeralds, and they have one on Shady Lane (East Austin) and another one on Lamar north of Waterloo Records, but nothing on 6th street downtown.
This is Lamar: