Friday, May 06, 2011

6 years of this

This blog has been going for 6 years now. I've never had another one (other than my Jukebox, which I don't call a blog). I think that all topics are fair game here, but the ones I enjoy the most are about live music shows I attend, my cats (which have gone in number from 4 down to 1), the garden outside (MrB's project which is rich with bugs, birds and blooms year round), absurd news and headlines, and posts about Austin. This is a great town, my favorite of all the places I've lived.

Occasionally I comment on politics, but usually I just read the news until my head spins. It's hard to know where to start, hard to find the sanity. When religion becomes politics, it steps waaay out of line too. There's really nothing crazier.

Sometimes I hop up on the bar stool and rattle off a long old story about my past, my weird and dysfunctional family, or just some crazy crap that happened in the Sixties. Those are the therapeutic posts. It hurts to write some of them, especially about family, but if I don't tell my stories they will be lost. Even I might forget them someday.

If you are a regular visitor here, please feel free to de-lurk and say Hi.

(My avatar is a real painting that I bought at Goodwill a few years back. It was so perfect for me, that I haven't changed it since then. The real one hangs in my living room)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy 6th Blogoversary, Blueberry! Whatever the topic, your blog is always interesting and fun to read. And thanks for the background info on your avatar photo -- I've wondered where it came from and now I know!

Professor Chaos said...

Congratulations! Your blog doesn't look a day over 5.

Dr. Monkey said...

Happy blogaversary!


happy happy anniversary..I stop by all the time..some times I comment some times I don't..but I always like it..glad your still here.

M1 said...

Happy 6er. Love 'em cats -- and much else.