Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sarah Jarosz - new album and tour

Running a little behind on reporting of current events around the TX-Oasis here, and at this rate will never catch up.

Local phenom, young Sarah Jarosz* has just released her new album "Follow Me Down," (her 2nd on Sugar Hill Records) and played a couple of sold-out shows at a stylish venue on Sunday, did the radio circuit, and played at Waterloo Records (on her 20th birthday) on Monday. That's where the video is from. Her bandmates are Alex Hargreaves on violin and Nathaniel Smith on cello (who are even younger than she is) and they are amazing players. In fact, (and check your local listings) Austin City Limits (the TV show) is rerunning her episode, the one with Steve Martin, this weekend -- or don't even wait for the rerun -- stream it here now!

This album is absolutely gorgeous and deserves high praise. She really swept us off our feet with this one.

*pronounced "juh-ROSE."

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