Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Summertime blues 2011

MilkDrive, one of our great local bands, tearing it up on Saturday's warm evening.

Coming off of a blessed 3-day weekend, and if I had my way I would have a 4-day work week every week. For the entire month of May we have both been recovering from some bug - allergies, maybe, but something that was like a cold and led to bronchitis (him) and a persistent sore throat (me) requiring meds that have not really been that helpful. Also, full-on summer has arrived and will be a way of life here until October. By summer I mean it's 97 to over 100° every day with bright bright sun. Looong dog days. Yes, I know... it's Texas... and do really really love the weather here six months out of the year, and the other six I just deal. Those who dearly love the heat do the same thing in reverse.

The guy who inspected the air conditioning unit said we had a problem with the dryer venting lint too close to it, and recommended this apparatus that vented the dryer (lint plus all the hot air) into a little box in the same room with it (with some water in it, I guess to dampen the lint). MrB set it up, and before running it, mentioned that the A/C guy said it would heat up the room some. No shit. It heated the room well up into the 90°Fs... AND (because it was also apparently boiling the water or something) it was really really humid in there too. Steam room. This was running the dryer with the door closed, which we have to do if we expect to be able to hear the TV/stereo. I threw a hissy fit over it (dammit, it's hot enough in the house - it was a device from hell in my book) and made him re-vent it outside and get rid of that thing. Now we have to rig up a barrier of some kind outside to keep the lint out of the A/C. {sigh - home repairs always manage to occupy too much 'spare' time} Poor MrB had already picked out an alternate solution (an aluminum bendy pipe), cut his hand on it in the store, then cut his hand on it again returning it to the store after deciding it wouldn't work. Back to the drawing board.

I think we are just heaving a big sigh from long-term lack of down time, and looking ahead at more of the same indefinitely.

In 2005 I went to St. Louis and stayed one night to attend the wedding of a nephew. That's the last time I left Texas. Up until 2007 we used to be able to get away with staying somewhere overnight as long as we got back as soon as possible the next day (San Antonio or DFW were do-able on occasion then). Before the cats came down with all the health issues it was easier, put out extra food, litter, water - but things started to go south - and they not only needed regular and vigilant medical care and supervision, they were costing so much that a mini-vacation was a pipe dream.

So, I haven't left Austin other than a few miles beyond the city limits for about 4 years now. You all know I love this town and there is plenty to do, but I do have the blues setting in... especially when people start talking about their European vacations and what-not. Here in the heart of Texas, we have led a charmed existence, free from the recent disaster trends that other areas have suffered - such as freakish way-too-much snow, record-busting floods, tornados so numerous and massive as to seem mythical, hurricanes, tarballs, oil slicks, red tide, too many jellyfish (not being near a beach has a few advantages)… fire is a danger but can be somewhat prevented if people behave and quit burning stuff outdoors. We’re in a terrible drought. Seems like a new normal for the changing climate. It’s happening, folks. Real as hell.

Here’s a band we saw on Sunday night at Momo’s. This is a blues number to match my mood.

That’s Emily Gimble on those incredible vocals. Warren Hood and the Goods, one of the best bands in town or in Texas, or just keep going. They play many styles (original material and covers too); gypsy, Chicago, New Orleans, South Carolina… well, that’s about all the traveling I’ll be doing. Go on out and do your thing. I'll be here when you get back.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Could you and Mr. B spell each other off for a couple of weekends away? That way someone's home with the cats and the other one is having a little holiday somewhere. Of course, you're holidaying by yourself (unless a friend could come along) but it's better than going stir crazy, girl!

Blueberry said...

He's been to visit his family in Missouri a few times (and is due for another visit), and I always stay home with the cats (now it's just 'cat' singular). Not exactly a vacation for him even though he's technically been out of town a few times.

seventh sister said...

Heard them at the Pagosa Springs Folk and Bluegrass festival last weekend. They ROCKED the place.