Friday, July 29, 2011

Gay For Satan

Some graffiti on the outside of Cheapo Records. This must be a band name or something, but I couldn't find them on the internet. Could be a garage/kid band.

Might be a takeoff on this band's name. (They seem to play here every SXSW). I see their genres listed are Hardcore, Queercore, and Screamo.

Screamo is wiki-defined using terms like Crunkcore, Powerviolence, and nintendocore. Music genres now need an entire dictionary. I wonder how many new terms are invented every day? It would definitely outpace Sarah Palin's book she is writing, called "Words and other stuff I made up."*

*I made that part up.



I can remember when bands had names like the platters, the stones, the beatles..sigh*

athirdeye27 said...

would you like a Gay for Satan CD? I will mail you a copy.

Blueberry said...

So it IS a band? I suspected so. Thanks, athirdeye27, but no need to send swag. Would like to know, what kind of music is it, and do they play here much? I can keep an eye out in the music listings.

Jpbikes said...

It was a tshirt mutiny BMx ran awhile ago

helen shapiro said...
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