Friday, July 29, 2011

Under the Star

The new forecast from is even hotter than the one they issued last week. The 98° predicted for tomorrow (and forecasts vary a lot) is due to Tropical Storm Don - which is probably not going to bring us much more than a cloud passing by. The rest of the temps will be ridiculous. 106°? 107°? What? Ugh!!! (that's 41.666°C) (the .666 is Hell's fraction)

Despite the heat, we went out to see a bit of the awesome Cindy Cashdollar at the history museum, called Music Under the Star. A free show, and held outside. A fine night of Western Swing, and the patio was shaded from the blazing setting star by the museum building. Hoo. Ray. Also, TS Don brought around a light breeze.

There were also a few Art Cows, but I don't think they were meant to be ridden (as they are supposed to sold for charity). Hard to resist, though, I must admit. This one's called "Pi-cow-sso."

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