Sunday, July 24, 2011

I need a vacation (one that involves travel)

April was the last month of temperate (nice) weather, with an average high of 88.7°F.

Late May brought the first 100°s (~ 38°C) (3 of them) and kicked us into high-90s mode with 7 days 97°F or higher (36°C).

June and July have been just brutal. The average high temp in June was 99.9° with 15 days 100°+, and 28 days (out of 30) over 97°!

So far in July, the average high is 101.7°F, and humidity generally in the 50% range.

Days at 100°F or more, this year so far: 39
We are expected to approach 70 days before this summer is through.

The week ahead via

Beginning to feel seriously grumpy.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

In that heat, I'd have killed someone by now. Even if Texas DOES have the death penalty.

As for a vacation, a nice flight to Antarctica would be lovely right about now, I'm guessing.

Connie, Orlando said...

Or move someplace cooler and then vacation in Austin. For a change, Florida has been one of the cooler places in the southeast & eastern seaboard. Go figure.

Blueberry said...

The only concept of a vacation I have left is going on Google maps and clicking up and down the street views. The UK is always a nice Google destination.

Climate change (which I feel is very real), according to some estimates, will eventually turn this place into a desert. But if global waters rise high enough, then it won't be that far from the beach! (goodbye Houston)

That will be long after I'm dead and gone though.