Sunday, February 26, 2012

Something Wonderful

I love Google Street View! I love being able to click through the narrow roads in Wales, look up places I've lived to see how much they've changed, or in some cases, look back in time to see destroyed places as they once were.

There is so much potential for this technology, especially when they incorporate the "Panoramio" features like they did last Fall at the ACL Festival. They used panoramic cameras to capture on video the experience from all angles. Click here to check these out. Click, drag, pan, look behind you, look down, look up, look at the band, look at the audience (where we managed to get our mugs in a couple of times - typical us...)

They are now sending the cameras to the Great Barrier Reef. Read more about it in the article here, and give some of the results a tryout here, (sample screengrab below).

There's a sidebar on the panoramas to show you where you are on the map. Is this cool, or what?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

It's a great way to take a holiday to the biggest tourist spots on the planet too. Much cheaper than airfare.

Blueberry said...

Oh yes! I will probably never get to see those places in person, and definitely for sure will never have a diver's view.


wow...I have got to check that out.