Sunday, February 19, 2012


Well, there are actually roses all year, but this one was particularly pretty and perfect in the front yard, so I had to take a picture. There was a robin in the backyard last week, but in this area I don't know what the significance of that event. Birds are abundant but robins seem to be rare. The main sign of Spring's return seems to be the appearance of crane flies. A lot of people think they are "giant mosquitoes" or "mosquito eaters" or some such thing, but they are neither. They are only interested in some old dead wet leaves and mulch, and do not want to nibble on you or your pets in any way. When these guys show up, I think of Spring, and too soon they are gone and replaces with the mosquitoes of Summer. After the hellish Summer we had last year, I am not looking forward to this one.

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it's going to be in the 70's the rest of the week..lovely..I have a cardinal that has been fighting with the bird in my rear view mirror on the passenger side of my truck now for over a month..all day long..dawn to dusk..If I drive off he greets me when I pull into my parking spot..doesn't even wait for me to get the keys out of the truck and he's on the mirror ...wouldn't mind except he's crapping all down the side of the truck..