Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Love this sign!

Well, how is your holiday season going? I finally got the post-surgery boot off of my foot, and got to see it without the bandages. Very ugly and all the wrong colors (I decided not to post photos and spare you that), but getting a little better every day (with a new bandage so I don't have to look at it). One of these days I will take a walk for no reason and not worry about busting stitches or swelling. I am lucky enough to work for an employer who provides a generous winter break (this year it's 7 working days plus surrounding weekends and I added a couple of vacation days for some extra downtime).

It's going to be lots of sitting-down stuff, like on Dec 24 we are going to see Die Hard at the Alamo Drafthouse, a nice little Christmas movie that will include live pyrotechnics in the theater and a free Twinkie for all in attendance. I guess I can sell that Twinkie on ebay, huh?

I've already gone through my annual Christmas doldrums (it's unavoidable) but I think I've come out on the other side of it OK. That's always the goal. It's partly because here I was feeling down in the dumps, then I heard other people's bad news (both people I know and of course the endless daily NEWS news) that I sort of snapped out of it.

Also, it won't be long until my news feeds won't have the made-up "War on Christmas" which is really a "War on non-Christians" shit like this (one of my in-the-flesh friends posted this as something she supports) (::: sigh :::)What to do about these things? Ignore, ignore, ignore, and don't get in political or religious discussions with them. We have things in common - just not those things. Screw this.

And this too. I am so sick of this kind of shit.

Christmas is a secular holiday that occurs during a time of year where nearly every religion that ever existed has celebrated or observed something. I am celebrating having 13 days off in a row, even if I don't have much planned other than not using the alarm clock.

My wish for you is to celebrate or don't celebrate whatever the hell you you would like, have fun doing it and don't get hurt. And for goodness' sake, have a happy new year.
Heathens Greetings everyone! I leave you for now with Pussy Willow playing the theremin.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yeah, people who don't get it, really don't get it. Heathen's Greetings to you and the hubz. Glad your foot is healing up. ENJOY YOUR DOWN TIME!

PENolan said...

Absolutely enjoy your down time - and Merry Solstice, too.

Blueberry said...

Yes, and Merry Solstice, not just to my Pagan friends but to everyone! Solstices are absolutely real events, and they are important, dammit.