Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Archie Bunker mentality

This is one reason I'm not a Libertarian. The philosophy that we just give everybody a gun, and the good guys will automatically police the bad guys, and it will all sort itself out. [LINK] Some Ohio lawmakers want to allow students to carry concealed weapons at public universities to protect themselves against another gunman. The reason Archie Bunker was funny was because his ideas were so ridiculous, and also, unfortunately, fairly common.

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DrDon said...

Look, I have a gun. A semiautomatic pistol. I find it fun to target shoot, though I havne't done it for a while. I don't hunt and would never shoot anything living. I never did that even when I had a BB gun as a kid, except for shooting ants (don't ask). That being said, I don't agree that arming the public is a way to decrease violence. We keep hearing that but the fact is that the least violent countries in the world tend to be those where firearms are strictly prohibited. For anyone who tells me crime wouldn't decrease if we banned guns, I have 2 words: drive-by shooting. This is a whole class of crime that is impossible without guns. You never hear of a drive-by knifing.

And arming college students? Oh yeah, that's a great idea. These are the same people staging bum fights, practicing ultimate fighting in their backyard, and filming themselves shooting unsuspecting people with paintballs for YouTube. Yeah, we want immature, testosterone fueled males to carry guns around campuses. Great idea.

Only in America can people even take these ideas seriously. Got out of control gun violence? Answer: make more guns available! By that logic, we should start giving away crack and heroin in coffee shops. Sure drugs are a problem. The answer: more drugs! It's just because in this country everything takes second place to the individual. It doesn't matter what is good for society, or a neighborhood, or the world. If it's not good for me, then I don't want it. So even if gun control would vastly reduce crime, it won't happen because some guy wants to have the right to blow a deer's head off. Whatever. I'm so done with Americans.