Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Big stuff

I don't think these are photoshopped.

Well, last week it was the giant fly swimming in my cup. This week no real-life close encounters with freaky big critters, but did see these guys on the web. Look at this Italian cat!! 35 lbs. of sugar in a 30 lb. bag. What a cute tubster. Not sure we'd be able to afford the lasagna it takes to feed this guy. [LINK] And if you still think it's Photoshopped, here's another news link on the kitty with a different picture. More fat cats on Neatorama.

Forced perspective, to make a bad thing look even worse.

These are called Camel Spiders. They are not as big as they look here, I think this is a forced perspective kind of shot. The critters actually DO get to be 6 inches long... which is still a damned big spider!!! Yikes!!! [More about Camel Spiders, which they say are not really spiders. I say close enough with legs out the wazoo.]

Then, take a look at this post. It's from Australia and shows a 14 inch stick bug... not doin' anything... just hangin' around on the porch mindin' his own bidness. Cool bug.


Mando Mama said...

AAAAAAAAAAAHKHKHKH...look at those spidies! OH my face is SO scrunched up right now. If they're not spiders then what the HELL are they?? LOOK how HAIRY they are, and BIG. OYvehmaRIa!

I thought of you last night. Settin' here checkin' the ol' email, out of the corner of my eye I see a little something moving across the floor. A big-ass spider friend. I scooped him up and, in my pajamas and bright orange-pink crocs, stepped out into the night to release him (or her -- I didn't ask) with considerable fanfare only to discover most of my neighbors were out front. Of course I used the moment to remind everyone that spiders are our friends...

That cat weighs almost as much as my daughter. No lie.

Nava said...

Gives a whole new meaning to "who's a big boy!?".

Blueberry said...

MM: I can't catch-and-release big spiders. I'm phobic. If MrB doesn't do it, then I have to live with them forever.
nava: I wish that my belly was as cute as the kitty's.