Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day - The Unforeseen

EDIT April 23: I am bumping this post up and adding some comments post-viewing.

It’s an excellent film, and I think in somewhat limited theatrical release right now, expanding gradually, but should be out on DVD in September.

This screening was sponsored by Save Our Springs Alliance, which is featured prominently in the film. There was a Q&A afterward with the filmmaker, Laura Dunn, the cinematographer, and some others who appeared in it. A few weeks ago at the premiere, Robert Redford also put in an appearance. He is an executive producer, appears in the film, and… I just learned from this viewing… learned to swim in Austin as a kid!

The film is focused on Austin, but the elements at work are the same ones that show up in all situations like this: the greedy developers, the lobbyists, the citizens who buy into these things, people who value property rights over the environment (typified by people sporting signs that say things like “Birds Don’t Pay Taxes”), the politicians who get their votes, and ugly growth that destroys the very reasons that people wanted to live in an area in the first place.

The Unforeseen

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Ptelea said...

This looks very interesting - I look forward to your review.

enigma4ever said...

I can't wait for the review....
Happy Earthday...