Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Flower season

We are in peak wildfower season here now. There are flowers year-round, one of the benefits of living in the sub-tropics, but in April they take over the landscape. Blue, yellow and especially pink are dominant, but here at the house there's a lot of red. It's looking wild!! Click photos to enlarge.

Poppies in the backyard and alleyway, with and without bees:

Purple ice plant ground cover


The birds planted this rogue sunflower.


Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous backyard you have!

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Ptelea said...

Thank you for the beautiful flowers. We, on the other hand, are having a little snow today. Just a little. But it will be in the 50's tomorrow!

Is that bird planter one of your garage sale/thrift store finds? Wherever it came from, it is very cute.

Blueberry said...

Thanks to you both for the compliments. It's all MrB's doing. He's the gardener. I usually just watch him work (what a great job to have!) ;-)

The bird planter is from one of those roadside garden art businesses. Lots of metal stuff and a little pottery. It's all outside so it gets rusted and weathered before you buy it.

Friðvin said...

I love poppies but we have never planted any in our yard. txrad like to keep it as native to Texas as possible. One of the houses in the neighborhood had a huge poppy patch our front for a few years and their yard sloped to the street which in turn sloped to a downhill vacant lot.

Yesterday I noticed poppies were blooming in the vacant lot!

Blueberry said...

Getting a yard full of tall flowers is a good way to scare the neighbors. Some love it, and the others, so far, have not said anything.

enigma4ever said...

thank you for the lovely photos....I love poppies...and these are so amazing.....