Saturday, May 14, 2005

Current Favorite Action Hero

Chloe O'Brian

From the bizarro-reality action serial 24 on FOX, Monday nights.

Frumpy, whiny, pain in the ass computer geek gets sent out on a field job... shoots the terrorist in a "kill or be killed" situation, saves herself AND the data! Now that she's had a taste of suppressing the enemy in the most effective way, her co-workers had better be a little nicer to her. In a climate of office politics from hell, it would be wise not to push Chloe around.

Addendum: Dave Barry's hilarious 24 blog, and his post on this episode.


Anonymous said...

BTW, she's just the hottest, most attractive and best looking actress I've seen in my "watching shows"' life

Blueberry said...

She's one of my favorite TV characters. Hope they don't kill her character off or something.

james said...

she's fucking amazing and by gorge she gona be the one to kill jack

Blueberry said...

james, interesting thought. Anything is possible in 24-world. I don't want her to kill Jack... unless he turns bad... but she could do it!