Thursday, May 19, 2005

Google goggles

A co-worker, who was a friend of mine, retired and moved to California. Recently we all received an updated address with mention of how close to the beach it is, blah blah. Neat! So, being the curious cat that I am by nature I decide to look it up in a map program. Well, no point in viewing an ordinary map when you can use Google Satellite Maps. Yep, there was the aerial view, and sure enough, it's close to the beach with all the lovely sand and surf. Wow! I got rather caught up in googlemapping other locations. It's quite a wonderful time-waster! Anyway, following through on my friend's new apartment, I wanted to see what the apartments looked like, since I've heard very nice things about that town and how cool it is. Within a few minutes of searching, I turned up a website for the apartments complete with photos inside this exact unit. Wow! So THAT'S what her closet looks like! No... I am not a stalker of any kind. This woman is a friend of mine. It's interesting to know just how much info an "unfriendly" person could dredge up on another person though. It's a weird world.

And getting back to the Googlemaps, check out this collection of interesting things captured by satellites on Google Sightseeing. My husband googlemapped my place of business and thinks that's my car in the parking lot. It probably is.

Yes, I know. I need to get out more.

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