Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ho Hum... another weekend in paradise.

Another beautiful weekend in Austin Texas! Started out at Maria's Taco Xpress for great tacos and music by Leann Atherton.

Ben & Jerry's had their Grand Opening. They are linked to a charity called Lifeworks, which is pretty cool as it employs troubled kids. Also the awesome South Austin Jug Band was playing, and there was free ice cream! Wheeee!

After that we went to a beer brewers festival, (with more live music) had a few of the darker samples, and that pretty much finished us off along with any hope of losing weight this weekend.

Sunday was my husband's birthday, so instead of dragging him down to San Antonio the night before for the Del Castillo show, we were up bright and early for the UU service followed by the Green House Tour. Not houses painted green, but houses designed to be more environmentally gentle. It was fun, mainly seeing the creative architecture and getting some ideas.

Rented the DVD "The Saint", with Val Kilmer. yaaaawn. Not bad fluffy entertainment, some odd casting choices. TV quality. I'm more interested in the real Templars.
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