Sunday, July 03, 2005

Batting fourth

It's the 4th of July weekend, and some folks who know me a little bit might think I'd be up there be-bopping at Willie Nelson's picnic in the 100+ degree heat, or maybe at a variety of other searing outdoor activities. Air-conditioning was much more appealing, so we started Friday out by seeing Spielberg's War of the Worlds. It was absolutely frightening and thrilling, and I want to see it again soon. There's nothing like an alien invasion to reunite estranged family members. Pretty intense. Thumbs up all around.

Saturday, KGSR started their all-weekend long contest to offer a chance, once an hour, to win tickets to see Nickel Creek at the Cactus Cafe, which is a very intimate venue with great acoustics. I was prepared to be listening and calling round the clock if necessary and was envisioning still having the old FM Walkman plugged into one ear with the phone in the other on Monday night as the contest ended. So I was thrilled when my husband won tickets on Saturday morning!! I am so excited, I'm like Gollum regaining the Preciousss. Creek has not played in Texas since 2003 and we are seriously deprived here. Nickel Creek is one of favorite bands.

Sunday, someone filling in for the regular pastor at UU talked about children's books, and pointed out how Disney has reinterpreted some really great literature in their versions of same (giving "The Jungle Book" as an example), and should be avoided. Good point, and well made. Damn the dumbing down, the commercialism, and pounding everything in existence into a formula.

Sunday evening we visited the Congress Avenue Bridge bat colony flyout. It's a uniquely Austin experience! Tomorrow (Monday) is the 4th of July and I think it will be pretty low-key. I'm saving my energy for all the July stuff coming up: Storyville, Del Castillo (twice!), Greencards (up to 3 times), and the already mentioned Nickel Creek... plus there's that wedding we are attending in good old St. Loo. He will go up early and be able to catch the Greencards opening for Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson while I cat-sit (see "You had me at "Meow"). Good for him.

When we all wave the flag on the 4th, I hope that folks will remember the freedoms that this country is founded on, to live and let live, that America is a melting pot, 1984 is a scary book, and what the welcoming message on the Statue of Liberty says. Let Freedom Ring.

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