Sunday, July 31, 2005

Two Aussies and a Brit walk into a bar...

"two Aussies and a Brit" is a phrase that appears in nearly every article I've seen on the Greencards.

It was Greencards Homecoming week in Austin. I first started going to see this band back in 2003, close to beginning of their existence as a band and they already had local buzz going.

Crowds were small at first when they still played the regular Sunday brunch, Sunday night gigs at Mother Egan's and Fado.

Look at that crowd! More interested in getting a date than the music, I do believe.

I was extremely impressed with their playing! Kym is the only mandolin player whose style reminds me quite often of Chris Thile, it's that soaring thing that goes in circles around my head. But he has his own style, (he was a four-time Mandolin Champion of Australia before moving to Austin) and was the best mando in Austin, in my very humble and meaningless opinion. Eamon is absolutely in the top class of fiddlers, even in Texas and now Tennessee, he's up there with the best. Carol has a wonderful sweet and distinctive voice with a high lonesome quality.

Also, they are very charming and nice people. You don't have to try hard to meet them, they are right there, saying Hi in between sets. Connection with the audience is so important to increasing your popularity! (Just look at Los Lonely Boys!! They connect. Big time. It has helped!) They are witty as well. Eamon used to be a Lounge Lizard and a Spanker, after all. And yes, the accents are delightful. Their fans are a really nice community, there are lots of hugs and handshakes among people, even strangers.

As a fan you sit on the sidelines and root for success, and it hasn't let up. Better venues, better times slots, touring with Kelly Willis, then Robert Earl Keen. A self-released CD makes waves on the Americana charts and in the music community. They were the Best New Band at the Austin Music Awards, appeared at the ACL Festival in 2004. The new CD, Weather and Water, is just first-class!!

When I am a fan of someone, I want to help, and it looked like they needed some help with their website which had a homemade look to it. No offense intended here but it was a darned good job for people who have no experience making websites... but, anyway... I offered my services and promised to be cost-effective. I love a challenge. Several months later, I ended up with the job. This was about a year ago. It's one of the coolest things I've ever gotten to do, because I am the designer and webmaster. My name is at the bottom of the pages. The band went out on a limb to trust me to do this, especially since a website is such a vital element for anyone in any business. I appreciate it!! Many thanks to them! It also helps that they have a pretty good idea what they want it to be.

The guys moved to Nashville last Winter, and though we miss them in Austin, the truth is that they are on tour MOST of the time (the tour with Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson just ended, and the Kasey Chambers tour will start soon, then there are festivals and club gigs all over the country). You probably wouldn't see them any more often if they still lived here, so just get out and see them whenever you can, wherever you are.
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