Thursday, October 11, 2007


Having a super-hectic week here! The (lost) camera had been with me practically every waking minute, so I've been obsessing with comparisons and reviews trying to pick out a replacement. I think we've settled on the Sony W80 (so much stressing over a point-and-shoot!!!).

Looks like there's a sit-in/camp-out down at City Hall called "7 Straight Nights", it's for straight people showing support for GLBT civil rights. That's going on now, but I'm loaded with work so probably won't be going down there. Someday these things will not be necessary. We need to get that group squared away, then maybe freedom of religion (and freedom FROM religion) can get more attention so that atheists will be able to freely announce that fact without fear of being killed. Yes, we are more hated than Muslims. More hated than Dubya, I suspect. Not THAT'S hated.

Looks like we have got a couple of passes for the Big State Festival this weekend, and they say "VIP" on them! Cool! Don't know what that means yet. It's no guarantee there will be veggie food. Good lineup, and thankfully, no Toby Keith.

A couple more festival opportunities, and this one sounds Weird: The Hairy Man Festival. Looks funny, but the charity it benefits is Church-related.

Here's one we would do if it weren't for the Big State thing: Green City Festival down at City Hall. That one looks like a winner.

The weather has cooled down to the 80s now, so that in itself is reason to celebrate.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I know what you mean about the cooling down. Have fun at your festival!

Ellie said...

80's sounds really good to me!