Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Just like Jesus used to make?

This Grapes of Galilee wine prides itself on being "grown beside the Sea of Galilee, watered by the Jordan River". Mmmmm! Sounds delish, and must be recommended since god hisself once took a bath in it, and a few other people too. A little Jesus and John the B dirt would probably be nothing to worry about, but these reports of pollution in both of those bodies of water just might be.
From 2005, the year on the wine label [full article]:
Pollution turns Jordan River into 'sewage canal'

[...] South of the dam, the river is tainted with untreated and partially treated sewage, saline water and fish pond effluents that tumble from large drainage pipes built into the riverbed. The stench is choking. [...]

May 2006: Jordan River dangerously polluted [full article]
Mark Willacy: reporter
Gidon Bromberg from Friends of the Earth

[...] MARK WILLACY: These days wading into the Jordan River can be a health hazard. It's a slow-moving, cloudy green stream choked in some stretches by human waste.

GIDON BROMBERG: Well, to be quite frank, it's in a disgusting state. What used to be a river is little more than a sewerage canal. [...]
(BLUEBERRY: Holy shit!!)
July 2007: Sea of Galilee beach pollution [full article]

Seven Sea of Galilee beaches closed Thursday during the peak of the holiday season, four due to water contaminations and three others because of a lack of lifeguard services.

Health Ministry officials found contaminated water in the fresh water lake, also known as Lake Kinneret, for the third time this week, raising fears over the effect of pollution on this major source for drinking water.

The officials discovered off the lake's beaches large quantities of fecal colliform bacteria, which are believed to come from sewage spillages.

However, comprehensive searches on Thursday located no such leaks. The amounts of fecal colliform found this week are double the norm for beaches visited by bathers, which are allowed some 400 bacteria per 100ml of water. [...]

[...] the Health Ministry also closed two Lake Kinneret beaches for swimming, after the Tiberias municipality pumped sewage into the area.

A malfunction at the city's pumping station caused sewage to flow into the lake for what the ministry says was roughly one hour, polluting the two beaches.

This was the second time in recent months that the city's sewage has flowed into the lake and polluted nearby beaches. [...]

OK, this doesn't mean the wine tastes like it comes from BELOW the Bible Belt, and the wine-making water there may be as good as it is in America where we are known for cow and pig poop, plus the usual assortment of weird, toxic chemicals from industry, lawn fertilizers, bug poison, detergent... Yum. I'm just hoping that wine really IS safer than water... and I'll bet it is. Same for beer.

Grapes of Galilee wine found via J-Walk.

Another link:
Vanishing Jordan River Needs Global Rescue Effort [Environment News Service article]



Nava said...

As if...

OK now... some of the wines from the Galilee and the Golan, and from Israel in general, are incredible. I've never heard of this brand that puts Jesus on the label, and I tend to think it is more of a marketing trick, rather than a real good wine. I browsed through this wine website. Not quite representative of what Israel has to offer in the wine domain.

Pretty much like the Australian "Foster" beer, which here is considered to be the ultimate beer, but as we learned during our trip to Australia, no self-respecting Australian ever touched it. They simply don't export their real good ones.

Blueberry said...

I'm sure that it has Texas wine beat (yes, there is Texas wine), at least the ones I have tried which were fair to middlin'... or should it be Midland? Wine from Midland would be... well... non-existent... or resemble oil. And if it's a wine region (or is it district?) it has to pass muster.

The marketing is so important, it gets silly! And I will admit that I buy wine sometimes because of the name of it or because of the creative label, so I know that it works. This label and marketing technique would keep me away rather than make me buy it.

I remember drinking Retsina (from Greece). The first glass tastes like a paint thinner. The second one is better, and the third one is downright good!! I'll bet it kills germs too.

Foster's must be the Budweiser of Australia!

Nava said...

I betcha Jesus drank beer. Lager.

Blueberry said...

I'll bet he did too.

...mmmmmm..... beeeeer.....

Mando Mama said...

I just heard something about the Pinot Grape being more genetically complex than humans. Hm. Maybe that's why it's so tasty?

Neil Shakespeare said...

Oooo! Wine from water that Jesus took a pee in? "Holy urination, Batman!"