Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mind if I grunt?

Get the Ig-Nobel people on the phone! The Ig-Nobel prizes are awarded for research that just MIGHT be considered on the frivolous side. There have been two scientific studies conducted to assess the effect of grunting on exercise output, both by Dennis O'Connell, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and professor and chairman of physical therapy at Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas.

You might wonder why such a study would be necessary. I mean, it does matter to some people for sure, especially the people at Planet Fitness. They have a No-Grunting policy:

[LINK] Late last year, Albert Argibay, a Wappinger Falls, N.Y., bodybuilder and state correction officer, was escorted by police out of the Planet Fitness gym he was a member of, after another member complained to management of his loud grunting during weightlifting.

Planet Fitness, a national chain, has a solid "no-grunting" policy in place and Argibay's noisemaking -- along with a resulting verbal tussle with management -- cost him his membership, The New York Times reported.

Maybe they should set aside a special "Grunting Area" to make all the patrons happy. And with those shenagigans going on, it makes the research studies seem vitally important.


Ptelea said...

I guess this is another good reason to get your exercise outdoors! Honestly, I don't know if grunting would bother me at the gym but the idea of them exerting this much control over your behavior is enough to keep me away.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I'll bet he's a grunter in the bedroom too.

Blueberry said...

not to mention the bathroom... oops, I just did.

This whole business has stuck that stupid Tony Joe White song "Poke Salat (Salad) Annie" in my head. AAAACCK. You know I need me a mess of it. Sock a little grunt grunt grunt grunt grunt grunt. Gators got your Granny.

I hate that song.

Mando Mama said...

And now it's stuck in all our heads.


Anti-grunting policy. There are anti-grunting policies, but no anti-carbon footprint policies for people who leave their cars running while they drop their tikes off at latchkey. I should take their keys.