Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Spokes, Spankers, etc.

Bunch of stuff happening this week!! Tomorrow, there's a CD release party for one of my clients, The Gougers. Their new record (released on the 16th) is terrific! I had not heard them before I took on their project, and I think their music is great! You can listen on the website. Another client had a CD release on the 16th, and that was The Texas Sapphires. They are a great live band and have released a live album. Now all we need is a party held earlier than midnight and we will be there!

Nothing going on Friday but some TV watching, but Saturday we are tentatively planning what looks like a fun event. It's called Tour De Fat, and looks to be a very participatory event that's all about bicycles, living green, costumes and enjoying good beer (the sponsor is New Belgium - think Fat Tire). Do check out the website links (below), and this video:

Tour De Fat [MySpace] [website]

New Belgium (mmmmmmm..... beeeeeer)

Musical entertainment will include our own prized Asylum Street Spankers, and a band I missed seeing last Earth Day (for Nickel Creek): The March Fourth Marching Band from Portland OR. They look like lots of fun. They describe themselves as a "Surrealist high-energy big band ensemble". [MySpace]. I believe it's a free event, and held at Fiesta park where they will be having the Celtic Festival in a couple of weeks.

Now, the whole bicycle thing, I think it's great. My own personal problem is that I can't ride a bike. Yesssss... I DID try to learn... maybe 10 years ago. Miserable ridiculous pathetic failure, although better than my attempt at snow-skiing. Actually, I did learn to ride a bike in an empty flat parking lot where there are no vehicles, people, obstacles, or narrow paths. Also, I can ride on 3 wheels like nobody's business. 4 is even better. So, if I am to be a cyclist, it will not be a BIcyclist.

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