Thursday, April 16, 2009

Embarrassment and riches

You know I love Olbermann. It just seems so plainly obvious that if corporations would pay their fair taxes just like all of us have had to do, that this country (and the rest of the world) wouldn't be in such an economic pickle. You might just say that this issue is kinda important, if you were making an extreme understatement, that is.

Utah Savage has a good post up on taxation outrage.

click to enlargeAnd on another note, I would appreciate it if you all don't judge everybody in Texas by a few of the genuine whack-jobs (like Goodhair Perry, Box-turtle Cornyn, Chuck fake-Texas-Ranger Norris and the list goes on). This is embarrassing for not only the liberals in Austin or crammed into pockets in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio - but for the moderates in those places too. Secede?? PHFFFFT!!! Stupidest idea I've heard in a really long time.

To offset the the crazy "Let's abolish the government and give everybody a gun" frenzy of yesterday (and there was some of that in this town too) (and if you really want to live in a place like that, there are many choices in this world, all of them extremely dangerous), today on the anniversary of the Virginia Tech shootings, there are "Empty Holster" protests (read more here).

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Pyzahn said...

Love the Aaack poster. Currently I am much favoring Rachel Maddow over Olberman.