Sunday, April 26, 2009


Ain't gonna happen. It's a very Austin party. Put on the funnest* thing you can think of to wear, nothing is too weird, grab something for percussion - pots and pans, buckets, shakers, tambourines, cowbells, drums of every kind. Bring kids, dogs (one guy brought his pet pig), and don't forget your camera. There's food, microbrewery beer, kid's activities, costume contest, and some live music later in the afternoon. For us, the highlight is the drum circle. It's lasts for many hours, and is actually quite relaxing compared to the ugly stress we've got going on most of the rest of the time. Here's a 30 second video taken early in the day. Here's one taken later (by someone else) when it was much more crowded. Here are just a few of the pictures I took. (Click here for the Statesman's pro shots)

If Rivendell had showgirls...

There were quite a few topless women, but this is the only one I got a picture of. (Sorry boys and girls, for the lack of more female nudity. I should have handed MrB the camera. I think he seeks it out.)

Cutest couple costume of the day. Fairy with a tiger on a leash. meow!

Someone a bit older than me getting in on the fun. Always good to see.

This little kid had on a t-shirt with the famous Farrah Faucett poster on it. Cute.

There were uniform cops here and there, but this is the Mounted Peacekeeping Brigade.

*not a word, but should be.

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