Tuesday, April 07, 2009

White Castle to House to White House

A lot of the headlines for this story have some version of this. We were thinking that Kal Penn was probably headed into some highly-compensated and time consuming movie deal, and that's why his character has suddenly exited House (and now I'm glad that we watched it rather that DVR'ing it because, although they waited until after the episode played to announce his new job to the press, the manner of his character's exit has been widely reported).

I haven't seen any of the Harold & Kumar movies (yes, I know... I have a big pop culture gap and I plan on seeing them), but I can strongly recommend a movie of his called The Namesake. In fact, I though about it a lot during the recent Presidential election when the subject of Barack Obama's middle name came up. It's a good one.

If you DID already see the House episode and want to see the show's little tribute vid, click here.

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ellie said...

I've only seen one Harold and Kumar movie, Pineapple Express. It has some hillarious parts and typical college guys antics and of course pot has a big presence as well. Over all it had one GDub sceen that I still tell people about.