Monday, April 06, 2009

Guns are U.S.

A very limited roundup of recent "you can pry it from my cold dead hands" news.

[LINK] A father shot and killed his 5 children and himself because his wife had decided to leave him. The father had been put on a parenting plan by state child welfare officials in 2007 after a "minor assault" on one of the children. Several weapons were found in the home.

[LINK] A man shot and killed 13 people and himself at the American Civic Association, probably because he was upset about losing his job and because he was having trouble learning English. The victims were thought to be randomly selected.

[LINK] In Pittsburgh, after a man argued with his mother over a dog that was urinating in the house, when she called the police to have her son removed from the home, he shot and killed 3 police officers.

[LINK] A woman with a history of mental illness shoots her 20 year old son in the head at a firing range, and shoots herself.

[LINK] AP reports that 53 people died have during mass shootings in the USA during the last month, including the nursing home slaughter, a traffic stop bloodbath, and the man who shot his 2 children, 3 relatives and himself at a housewarming party.

cartoon by Pat Bagley

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Kvatch said...

"Only more guns can protect us against the wackos...with guns!"

(Did that sound convincing? I worked on it for a whole 5 seconds.)