Friday, December 04, 2009

Rambling update

Posting has been light over the past week, I know. I took Thanksgiving week off and spent most of it cleaning out the junk room, which you can't call a bedroom at all since we haven't been able to see the floor in there for a couple of years at least. It's chock full of stuff I've collected over the years (mostly music memorabilia) that had gotten out-of-control disorganized during the 60 hr workweeks. At least those are much less frequent this year.

It wasn't all sorting little bits of paper and dust bunnies, we also went out a couple of times. On Thanksgiving Day we went to see The Road, which reminded me of a lot of dreams I've had (no wonder I had trouble sleeping!! who wants to go there?). We do recommend it, but don't go expecting any humor. It's not a feel-good movie (and describing a movie as "feel-good" is a sure way to keep me away from it, anyway) but it should get some conversations going.

Also over last weekend was another show featuring our beloved Band of Heathens, this time at Momo's, where they got started. The show was absolutely great, and they had a bunch of guest stars (Brian Keane, Seth Walker, Warren Hood), here's someone else's video of the band with Guy Forsyth.
This week brought a return to the office commute, and also some sinus hell (maybe a cold, maybe just allergies) but it's been kicking my ass hard all week with sniffy nose, clogged head, ear pain and trying to stay awake in an antihistamine fog. Couldn't really take sick time because of workload either, {gripe} but it's Friday... nuff said.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Doesn't it feel so GOOD to bust clutter? My New Year's Resolution is to tackle a couple of major clutter spots and clear them out. (Notice how that lets me off the hook for December?!)

Blueberry said...

If I don't make more major progress in December, it might be next winter before it gets tackled again. So much for winter break. ;-)