Sunday, December 13, 2009

This week in live music

I just realized that I didn't cover last week's music shows, so here goes. Last Monday night we went down to Flipnotics to see Kimber and Dennis Ludiker, a brother/sister pair of fiddle champions. I don't have track of all the awards they have between them over their young lives (it's a stack), but Dennis is the Texas State Fiddle Champion for 2 years running, and Kimber is this year's National Old Time Fiddle Champion. Dennis lives in Austin and plays with MilkDrive (as does Matt Mefford, playing bass in these videos, although the camera really doesn't pick up the bass much). Kimber lives in Boston right now and plays with Della Mae, Broken Blossoms (and others, I'm sure). This was our first time to see her play.This was a free show at Flipnotics, a coffee house on Barton Springs Road with a living-roomy atmosphere and great music all the time. It was wonderful.

After a long and very busy work week, I was really glad to see Friday roll around and a show from Del Castillo down at the Armadillo Xmas Bazaar. For a very small price ($3-6) you can see great music every day and night (12 hours a day!) through December (and shop the funky art and crafts if that is your thing). Check out the blazing guitars! Del Castillo always brings me a lot of joy.
Over the weekend I developed some kind of stomach ailment, and was out of commission for most things, but we did make it out to Waterloo Records this evening to see David Rawlings (with Gillian Welch and members of Old Crow Medicine Show). Another free show although it being an instore with the band headed over to their real venue, they just played for a half hour. It was awesome, most definitely, and we got to chat with the Jarosz's (Sarah Jarosz, brand new Grammy nominee, is opening for Rawlings/Welch for 2 nights downtown). Wish I had more time, money and energy to do all the things that I want to do.


Mando Mama said...

Oh I have missed your blog, thank you for calling me back. If there were a heaven, I think it would be just like Austin. Despite the heat and the big bugs I can see why you would be hardpressed to pry yourself away.

I am digging the new Sarah J album -- is she something? And she is hanging out with the very best, according to your rundown.

Speaking of rundown, I hope you are feeling better!

Blueberry said...

I knew you'd love her record, esp. since Tim O'Brien has his fingerprints on it. ;-)

She is an inspired musician, and that first record was like a grand slam home run.

Hey, we are cooled down right now, and down to mostly little bugs.