Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Toys For Tats

Not a typo.

Donate a toy and get a free tattoo.

I remain un-inked mainly for 3 reasons:
  • I'm afraid of pain.
  • I don't like needles (the weekly allergy shots are enough for me).
  • I change my mind too often.

Trying to think back through the years to wonder what images I would now be stuck with had I decided to make a commitment. There's the ex, and the other ex, etc. Then there's my favorite band... du jour... and my favorite movie or TV show, the one I will love more than anything for ever and ever... or maybe not (Curse you, George Lucas, so very glad I don't have a Star Wars tattoo right now.)

I'm such a fickle fangirl.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

How about a tattoo that says "Fickle Fangirl"?

Blueberry said...

That might work!! :-)

Although I'd probably be better off putting it on a button or T-shirt. It's less permanent. ;-)


34 years ago i decided to get a tat..but wanted one that no one else would have ..so i got an 8-ball on my left tittie..after many many years the round 8 ball was starting to look more like a pool stick ...so i had it covered with a cowboy's helment..yeah..that really worked..

Utah Savage said...

Glad I never succumbed to the plan I once had to have a tattoo, a Harley, and learn to sky dive by the time I was fifty. Oh those were the days when I had such lofty ambitions.

Lemmy Caution said...

Those are EXACTLY the reason that I also am 'ink free'. Every once in a while I think....maybe, just maybe....then I SEE somebody with a thousand tats.....and walk away.