Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Friday night in town

Can't neglect mentioning the weekend music-related activities. There was a fantastic free show in a downtown park on Friday night, staged by a new venture in town called Car2Go. They have a fleet of SmartCars (the cutest little buggers you ever saw) and you can rent one just by using your registration card for access, driving it where you need to go, and parking it at an approved location (like at a parking meter) where the next person can use it. Your clocked time will go on your credit card.

Anyway, they had 5 really good bands playing: The Lemurs, Black & White Years (we missed those 2 as they played too early), Del Castillo, the Gourds and Joe Ely. It felt like summer out there and the high humidity made for a very sweaty night but it’s hard to beat these bands for live performance. Also this stage is solar-powered for extra greeniness.

Here’s a video MrB shot, “Wishin’ for a Rainbow”


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Mmmmmm, greeniness . . . .


what fun that must have been