Friday, May 21, 2010

Rand dumb statements

Rachel Maddow has really been shining a hard light of reality on Rand Paul. It's absolutely frightening to realize just how much power the Tea Party movement is gaining - a bunch of mean, racist, hateful, selfish bastards who have managed to take things a few notches down from the other Republicans. The Tea Party and Christian Right (pretty much the same people) could take this country's progressiveness back to the 19th Century.

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Do check out Rachel's continuing covering of this.

Oh yes, and if everyone was a Christian or at least religious, we wouldn't need so many laws because people would just naturally behave themselves and do the right thing. How very wrong that is. Wrong, wrong, wrong, and incorrect.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

It's so unfortunate that people give a free ride to anything with the name "Christian" stuck on it. The more people who speak out about the true nature of the Tea Baggers, the better.

Professor Chaos said...

dang, every time this guy opens his mouth it just gets worse!

Blueberry said...

and this is not even including the stupid stuff he said the oil spill! I hope his supporters are having voter's remorse.


i watched her live...she was relentless...there is an article on someones face book that shows what the tea party is all about..having a black man for president.