Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Playing the jukebox

One of things I've been puttering around with is my beloved online jukebox (using playlist.com). The way playlist.com works is it finds and indexes mp3s on the web (and makes some effort to source either music blogs or official sites, although it's impossible for them to effectively make that system perfect) and you can add them to a playlist and post it somewhere. You can also link to an mp3 of your own finding, and of course that breaks down the previously mentioned system completely. Anyhoo, it works with user and found content (so typos and labeling errors are rampant, but what's new --?).

I maxed out my original playlist at 200 songs, so I stripped it down and put together a separate one for the hard-core country stuff [ Real Country ]. It's music I grew up on... my mother's folkie, western and bluegrassy stuff, my dad's honky-tonk, the some-of-both crossover (lots of Johnny Cash), and personal favorites. It's what I liked to play on the tavern jukebox as a kid while the adults were getting drunk, and stuff I had on 45 r.p.m., 7-inch vinyl or full L.P. It also includes some cosmic cowboy, redneck hippie, and outlaw country (music played while *I* was getting drunk), so it spans the '20s through '70s.

The original playlist has no genre restrictions, it's just stuff I like for one reason or another. I prefer the deep cuts to the hits, but there's some of both.

This all resides on my Jukebox page.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Now I know where to go to listen to some old country favourites! Thanks! I much prefer it to New Country, which is too generically pop for my taste.


i listen to alansgoldenoldies.com
he does a radio show and there is nothing but 40's 50's and lots of old country..listen to stuff i havent heard since it played on the radio when they were hits..