Thursday, May 06, 2010

When gods fall... it can get ugly.

Since I’ve already brought up Star Wars this week, and I generally have a rant on it every year or so, it’s a good time to dredge up this post I’ve been keeping in the bin. This tattoo on one of Patton Oswalt’s fans illustrates a routine of his, it shows Patton Oswalt killing George Lucas with a shovel. No no noooo, I do not approve of the killing of critters and humans - but movies, TV and art (including body art) are exempted as long nobody actually gets whacked. With that cleared up, check out the bit in the video below:
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Patton Oswalt - Star Wars
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Direct link to video

A little bit of a harsher solution than Hurley in LOST. Since he’s gone back in time, he’s decided to write The Empire Strikes Back before Lucas gets to it, and do it in such a way that there’s no need for Ewoks. Hurley’s such a nice guy, but then he’s just trying to avoid Ewoks, not trying to prevent an entire trilogy.

Hugo’s SW-ESB script transcribed here.

My rant-post from 2009 includes embedding of the following 2 videos and more. The People vs. George Lucas recently premiered at SXSW, and even though I’ve been patiently waiting for it for over a year, I am now waiting for Netflix or the Library to get a copy of the DVD, (The People vs George Lucas teaser #1), and the great little animation, Lord of the Rings by George Lucas.

For those of you who are in the "Who cares?" or "Why Can't You Let it Go" camp... I refer to this post's title. I dunno... maybe you can compare it to that breakup you had so many years ago with Little Miss Perfect Bitch or Mister What Were You Thinking, and can't seem to wash that one out of your hair.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh no, I fully understand the Hate-On for George Lucas that many people have!


carrie fisher on her blog has the best may the 4th be with you post.

Professor Chaos said...

How is Patton Oswalt not a big star? He's so funny and in such inventive ways. In a just world, he would be huge and no one would have heard of Dane Cook.

Blueberry said...

I absolutely <3 Patton Oswalt, especially since finding out he was masquerading as 'Neill Cumpston' over on Ain't it Cool News (that stuff was hi-larious) and love his political side too. I've got a post on the blog here somewhere with handy links to the AICN stuff ('search' should turn it up).