Wednesday, February 18, 2009

These aren't the movies you're looking for

Star Wait clip (first 10 minutes or so)

I just got this DVD called "Star Wait" for $5 at Half-Price Books, it's a documentary about the hardcore Star Wars fans who lined up 6 weeks in advance for Episode II: Attack of the Clones. I have to say, I really enjoyed it. Hardcore fanaticism is something that is bound to weird you out, but only if the level of it higher than your own. Yes. It is definitely waaay over the top to wait in line for a movie for 6 weeks on the sidewalk, as these people did (a lot of them did it all 3 times... and that was after Episode I disappointed them as they admitted later), but as the whole thing progressed you could see what an absolute blast they were having, and how so much of it just about bonding with others - plus I would absolutely LOVE to watch a movie where the crowd is loving it so much that it's like a live concert of your favorite band.

Anyone seen Fanboys? I want to see that one.

I am a fangirl at heart, and I've gone overboard for more than one passion in my lifetime. I tend to obsess until I wear myself (and people around me) out - then move on to something else. One of the things I obsessed over briefly was Star Wars, and I am talking about roughly ~1980-1985. (I was an adult.) I was hit with too much real-life between that time and when Episode I Phantom Menace came out to maintain the same level of interest, but, because of Phantom Menace I have developed a love-hate thing for George Lucas - whatever I worshipped about him is either gone or maybe never was there. It's like being in love and later seeing things differently when your head clears.

The trailer for "The People vs. George Lucas" below really illustrates a lot about this particular passion/obsession.

One quote from the trailer struck me: "The hatred that people claim they have for the new films proves how profoundly they love them." It actually makes a lot of sense to me. I have watched Ep III Revenge of the Sith, (which most people agree is the best of the newer trilogy) many times, and I think that I am hoping it will grow on me, that my old love will be redeemed. Not so far.

Here's a vid that I always get a big kick out of. It's "what if George Lucas had directed The Lord of The Rings," which is my Reigning Favorite Trilogy Ever (also favorite movies ever).

...and here is some of the reference material that inspired the above.

I saw Hayden Christiansen in a movie called Shattered Glass which was made in between the 2 SW movies, and I thought he was good in it, but Lucas managed to even get mediocre performances out of Ewan McGregor, Samuel L. Jackson and many more good actors (biggest. waste. of. Sam Jackson. ever.)... and the script in this trilogy!!! Blehh. (The only acting exception for this trilogy in my book was Ian McDiarmid/Palpatine). Ditch the good stories and character development in favor of special effects, computerize as much as possible, and merchandize!

I still love the SW Original Trilogy, especially Eps IV and V. That's good moviemaking. I still don't think I could have spent 6 weeks on the sidewalk though, not even for those (or for Lord of the Rings either).

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