Monday, February 02, 2009

Big hairy deal

MrB and I are having a major disagreement over a matter of great pop culture importance (but no other kind). One of us truly believes that the character of Agent Olivia Dunham on the Fox Series "Fringe" (which is on tomorrow night if you want to see it for yourself) is a blonde. The other believes that she is a redhead. This is not a trick question and doesn't involve hair dye, just the viewer's perception of what impression we are supposed to have. Whadda think? Vote in the poll, leave comments, or do both. (Hope the poll doesn't hijack the blog like a previous one did.)

Is this woman a blonde or a redhead?

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WeezieLou said...

whoever said 'blonde' is winning - altho i could see a reddish glint here and there. i wanna know what the winner AND the loser get??

Blueberry said...

The winner gets the satisfaction of having a few vouchers. The loser can be teased about being color-blind. Nothing that's much fun on either side.

Blueberry said...

This is just me protesting my husband's attitude. I doesn't matter what a person's opinion is, as long as they realize the difference between fact and opinion - and it was presented to me that it was a fact, one would be undisputed, that this woman is an obvious redhead and there are no two ways about it, end of debate, end of discussion, I'm right, you're wrong and nobody will agree with you. I know these things. REDHEAD.

At least the traffic lights are red and green instead of red and blonde. Then we'd be in some trouble when he's driving.