Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weinermobile brings excitement to otherwise uneventful day

click to enlargeYesterday (Saturday) turned out to be chillier than hoped for (cooler than 60°, overcast and breezy) so Central Market moved The Quebe Sisters onto the smaller patio and surrounded it with plastic, so of course, with less room there it was jam-packed so we bailed and went up the road to the Triangle. Mandola's (love that name, because I love the mandola!) provided some really really good pizza although it was packed to the gills too. Right across from that is the Flying Saucer, which has one of the best beer selections you can find anywhere, so we had a couple of pints and spent the rest of the evening in. Today was much nicer, weather-wise, and the highlight of the day - at least for MrB - was a close encounter with the Weinermobile. The camera was ready for the big event:

They were also giving away these provocative little whistles:


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I saw the weiner mobile once, it as totally cool.

Anonymous said...

Franks for stopping by to ketchup with us and blog about it! We always relish our visits to Austin.

Blueberry said...

Oscar Mayer speaks!

Now, may I request a veggie weiner?

Pyzahn said...

We used to have a weiner statue that you could climb on for photos, but some deadbeat saw fit to haul it off.

Where can I get one of those whistles?