Thursday, February 26, 2009

Purrsday Night - The Bystanders

These are a couple of neighborhood cats. I have blogged the longhaired calico before, she demands petting by rubbing against your legs, but will offer you teeth and claws whether you pet her or not... but she's a prissy and pretty thing. Her name is "Fluffy." Here is Fluffy, playing the innocent kitty, not doing a thing wrong, just sitting here by the bird feeder. Is that a crime?

Cat #2 is one of our neighborhood kitlers.
A kitler is a cat who looks like Hitler. I didn't make it up. Here's the kitler website, and below is what they consider to be the best example of a kitler.

And here is Princess Fluffy, who has no problem jumping the fence to get into the backyard, but likes to wait until you come out and open the gate for her so she can leave the yard in a more ladylike fashion. She's a charmer.

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Jannie Funster said...

Kitler! That site is HILARIOUS. Thanks for the link.

mog said...

Princess Fluffy doesn't look so innocent either in bird watching or getting in your yard. And that is a funny site, thanks for my laugh of the day.