Friday, February 13, 2009

Stuttering cat ironing in kitchen

This is one of my dad's old Valentines from school. I have a bunch of these somewhere in the trunks (::: looking for them :::). On the back it says "To Junior from Andy" Below is a pic of my dad in school in 1929 so it's likely that Andy is in the picture too.

Any plans for V-Day? I am notoriously unromantic, hate receiving cut flowers, and hate diamonds and all the bullshit that surrounds them (from the cruelty involved in their harvest all the way to the ad campaigns that tell you that expensive gifts create love).

We don't exchange gifts for any holidays, including this one... not that we won't do anything on Saturday. There might be a movie in store but I'm not even sure what I want to see. If you live around here, you might want to head over to Central Market North Lamar where the Quebe [quay-bee] Sisters are playing and singing old-timey western swing starting at 12:30 (noonish). Always a delight, and weather should be great. I probably wouldn't mind some red wine and chocolate on the patio.

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