Thursday, July 01, 2010

Just buy me some lottery tickets

PLEASE READ AND STAY BLESSED, (I donated $3, 500, 000.00 USD to you).



My name is Mrs .Maria Carlson.I am a dying woman and I have decided to will myfortune ($3,500,000.00) to you for your personal and charitable goals.I am 59 years old and was diagnosed of cancer about 2 years ago, Kindly Contact my lawyer through this email address ( ) if you are interested in carrying out this task. My lawyer's name is Barrister Edmund Higgins.

I know I have never met you but instincts tells me to do this,and I hope you act sincerely.


Maria Carlson.

My instincts tells me I'd be better off with three and a half million ducks.


Professor Chaos said...

Wow! You're so lucky! You're a millionaire!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Ha ha, how stupid does someone have to be to fall for this?