Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Midnight at the Oasis

While making the new blog topper, which contains both the word "Oasis" and a camel, I was completely overwhelmed by "song stuck in the head" syndrome. Yes, that's right... midnight at the oasis, send your camel to bed... I used to really like this song back when Maria Muldaur came out with it, but since then it's played uncounted millions of times, including probably being a favorite choice of your grocery store muzak. It's also been a popular song to cover, and I dug up a few really entertaining and/or wacky results.

My very favorite!! From Waiting for Guffman

Here's Toni Tennille, now appearing at The Oasis Lounge.

This is just a woman with a guitar who makes singing videos filmed at her house. This one is by the shower curtain.

Rebbie Jackson, who gets introduced by her brother Michael. This is from the Jacksons' variety show. I was completely unaware of sister Rebbie, but then I am fairly ignorant of Jacksons history.

This is a hilarious one featuring Doris Day. Link only, as they have embedding disabled.

And finally, If you can stand one more, Maria Muldaur herself kicking up a little dust on "The Midnight Special."

The inside of your head probably sounds like mine right now.
Sorry... or You're Welcome... whichever you prefer. ;-)



you couldn't have made me of my all time favorite songs..right up there with harlem nocturne. but they all sucked except for the original marie muldare..but i didn't like the version she did on midnight special..i liked the record..have fond memories of a big ole convertible cool breeze and white leather seats..sigh*

Debra She Who Seeks said...

There's so many Jacksons, who can keep track of them all? I've never heard of Rebbie before this, either. Sadly, the talent was distributed terribly unequally in that family. Notice how they sanitized the lyrics? "Let me be your bride" instead of "when I take you for a ride." And is that Death holding the camel's bridle?

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I used to hate that song but it's grown on me. Now I dig it. It's become a jazz standard.